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Ketchup Salt

Less of the sauce

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    Say no to horrible runny ketchup

    There’s nothing worse than soggy chips. Oh alright, apart from genocide, rising sea levels and that woman who put the cat in the wheelie bin. Thank goodness then for Ketchup Salt.

    Equally handy for people with a crippling fear of sauce, but an unwavering love of tomato, this sprinklable seasoning makes adding a little Tommy K flavour a doddle.

    What’s that? Of course there are people who are afraid of sauces. This flavoursome stuff comes from America after all – home of the irrational phobia. But it’s more than just a tasty workaround for the Hygrophobic.

    Thanks to Ketchup Salt there’s no sticky mess left behind on your plate. No embarrassing splorting noise from a half empty bottle. And best of all – this clever stuff ensures perfectly even ketchupy coverage over all of your meal. Dollop of red in the corner of your plate? That’s sooo last century.
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