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    If the marbles fall, you lose it all!

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      It's marbles!

      Ker-Plunk! Don't you just love the way that sounds? We think it's one of the greatest words ever invented. (Okay, so strictly speaking it's two words, but what's a hyphen between friends?). As well as having a great name, Ker-Plunk is such an iconic classic it even gets a mention in several encyclopedias. But it's just as well the wordsmiths who write them aren't in advertising. After all, any game that involves 'the suspension of numerous marbles over a web of thin plastic rods inserted perpendicularly through a clear plastic cylinder,' doesn't sound very thrilling, does it?


      Pull the rod...

      But the thing is, Ker-Plunk is thrilling. So much so, it's been entertaining the masses for almost forty years. So what's the appeal? The aforementioned encyclopedias reckon it has something to do with Ker-Plunk being 'a classic game of skill that can be learned in seconds, but offers a fun test of co-ordination that is challenging to people of all ages.' We wouldn't put it quite like that but we'd have to agree.


      ...and down they go!

      For any weirdos who've never played Ker-Plunk, all we can say is 'zmb¥bll ptang nimnulopp¥!' Which is Martian for 'where the blazes have you been?' Because you must have been living on another planet not to have had a go at some point. If you are an Earthling, we can only assume you underwent a fun-bypass in your youth, so here's a rough outline: Ker-Plunk is the game where you take your pick and pull a stick. If the marbles fall, you lose it all! You're only sunk if they go Ker-Plunk! How's that for poetry?


      Plastic rods

      At the end of the game you count how many marbles have fallen into each player's corner. The winner is the player with the fewest marbles. It's as simple as that. Ker-Plunk is guaranteed to bring fond memories flooding back, as most grown-ups can recall playing a few games on the swirly carpet as kids. If you're too young to remember playing with anything other than videogames, you don't know what you've been missing. Thankfully you can soon find out by ordering this retro-classic asap. It's Ker-Plunk-ingwell brilliant!

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