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  • Kelvin.23


Multi-tool for modern types

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    The quick-fire screw driver

    Are you ready for some DIY? Well are ya'?

    Have you ever seen a horse crumple with a stone in its hoof? Ever thought to yourself: ‘God, what I’d give to have a fish scaler right now’? Thought not. So why bother with a clunking great penknife or multi-tool that’s crammed with superfluous gadgets? Get yourself kitted out for the 21st century with a pocket tool kit full of exactly the right bits that you use every day.

    the 16 screwdriver bits

    16 screw driver bits

    Kelvin.23 isn’t the boiling point of penknives. It’s a frisky little palm-sized multi-tool that contains everything you need to take on DIY and minor jobs, like hanging pictures, building shelves, assembling flat-pack furniture and rebuilding civilisation after a devastating global war. Assuming, of course, that the conflict left enough shelving and pictures behind.

    Everything in one hand...

    Some of the many functions





    You’ll love having everything you need to hand in one rugged cast aluminium body: the Kelvin.23 packs in 16 different screwdrivers, a tape measure, hammer, level and even an LED for when you’re working in a tight hole, or even the flooded deck of a nuclear submarine. Those pesky fluorescents don’t half flicker on sinking subs.
    A diagram of all the parts

    Showing the LED Light

    Put pictures up in the dark!

    This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill toolkit though: gone are the days of crushed fingers as you struggle with a reluctant screw, thanks to a locking mechanism that lets you use the screwdriver at 90 degrees for extra torque. Hard-to-reach screws are a doddle with the bit extender, while a built-in magnet holds loose screws tight so you don’t lose them underneath sofas, inside dogs, or within the soft tissue of your bare feet.

    So you get 23 functions in one pocket-ready tool that’s as tough as an Icelandic docker, but as versatile as a circus dog. It even comes in a natty pink version that’s ideal for independent ladies who love DIY and hate having workshy men around the house. The only thing this 300g wonder won’t do for you is nip down to IKEA and drive your new bedroom furniture home, but then where’s the glory in that?

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