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Say it with flowers? Nah, trees!

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    Gift Box and contents

    Neat Gift Box with KeepStake and a bag of tree seeds

    What came first, the pun or the product? We’re not entirely sure but KeepStakes* are charming beyond belief. They are also unique – well, it’s not every day you send someone a tree (albeit in seed form) with a personalised plaque.

    Ideal pressies for any occasion, KeepStakes are beautifully packaged, polished aluminium tree plaques, professionally engraved with any message you fancy, from ‘Happy 50th Anniversary’ and ‘Congratulations on your wedding’ to ‘I told you the budgie looked pale’ and ‘If you can read this you’re standing on Tiddles’. The possibilities are endless. You’ve got 250 characters to play with and you can also bung in decorative images.

    Gift Voucher

    Fill out the Gift Voucher with your special message and choice of seeds

    But what about the accompanying tree seeds? Choose from Crab Apple (sarcastic, me?), Strawberry (sweet), Pear (fruity) and Norwegian Spruce (Christmassy). Forget cards and flowers, this really is the gift that keeps on giving. Plaques and trees? Yes please!

    *Once you order your KeepStake we’ll send you a voucher that let’s you choose your seeds and write your message. The KeepStake gang will then dispatch the personalised gift set, complete with handwritten note, to any recipient you fancy.

    Two different KeepStake shapes

    Two different shapes available

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