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Kebab Sliders
  • Kebab Sliders

Kebab Sliders

Magnificent meat swords

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    Heat resistant handles help to prevent you burning yourself

    The ancient Persians were principally known for their peerless rug weaving ability, hirsute men and a penchant for riding elephants into battle. Somehow, they also found time to perfect a cooking method by combining lovely bits of meat and pointy sticks. From this happy union, the Kebab was born.

    Known throughout the world for its deliciousness and portable convenience, the shish kebab isn’t perfect. It still has its weaknesses. Like us all. Foremost being the downright fiddliness of getting the food to your mouth/plate without stabbing yourself in the cheek/through the table and into your thigh. Sheesh, not again.

    Kebab Sliders

    Kebab Sliders

    Simply slide the kebab off the skewers with no mess

    Eat off the side like its corn on the cob and you look simple. Apply too little pressure with your fork as you drag the meat from the spike and you look weak. Use too much brute force and you might take someone’s eye out as the sizzling meat flies off at breakneck speed. Society needed a solution. We may just have found it.

    Thanks to the ingenious Kebab Sliders, you can now enjoy these savoury meat swords in the comfort of your own home, and without a high risk of impalement. Combining long stainless steel skewers with heat resistant handles and sliders, you’ll be able to grill up a storm while keeping your hands safe and clean.

    Combine meat, veggies and fruits for exotic and delicious combinations and cook them over coals, hotplates or even an open fire. Then with supreme confidence and control, simply slide your meat onto your plate like a less hirsute, Persian boss.

    So say a quick moteshakkeram to those clever Persians, and get skewering. Grill Power!

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