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Kawaii Panda Slippers
  • Kawaii Panda Slippers
  • Kawaii Panda Slippers
  • Kawaii Panda Slippers

Kawaii Panda Slippers

Eats shoots and loafs

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  • Warm your toes in the cosy belly of a stupidly cute panda
  • Dreamy (and slightly deranged) manga eyes and dinky pink tongue
  • Soft and luxurious plush feel, with non-slip dimples on the soles
  • Only 1600 left in the wild, why not adopt a pair of them?
  • Cosy panda slippers to match your sleepy panda eyes
  • Don't walk around with bare feet, walk around in bear feet


It's hard enough to get two Pandas together in a zoo let alone in the wild (the sexually-indifferent wretches), but these Kawaii Panda Slippers are happy as Larry nuzzled up together.

Turns out all they needed was a firm kick up the backside, or rather, your slender naked feet tucked gently into their warm and furry derrières.

This pair of endangered espadrilles are as luxuriously soft as they are excessively cute and they're now searching for a new owner – so stop walking around with bare feet and get yourself some bear feet.

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4 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Comfy, warm and adorable."
    Anton - 22nd of October, 2015
  • "Bought these as a surprise for my girlfriend. She loves pandas, she loves having warm feet, what can go wrong?"
    Rick - 15th of October, 2015
  • "So cute and so comfy. The quality looks amazing and I hope the durability is the same."
    Georgia - 14th of October, 2015
  • "I got these as a present for my partner and they are so comfy, like walking on marshmallows. Definitely a wicked buy :D"
    Gemma - 29th of July, 2015