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Kaspa Ghost Light
  • Kaspa Ghost Light

Kaspa Ghost Light

I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost!

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    Kaspa glow ceiling lightshade

    Kaspa glow-in-the-dark available in
    ceiling light shade or freestanding lamp

    Unless you’re watching Derek Acorah pratting around in the dark, seeing a ghost is not something you particularly look forward to. But all that is about to change because Kaspa Ghost Lights are the cutest apparitions in the history of ghostdom!

    Designed by Ilsa Parry, winner of BBC’s Design for Life series, these incredibly stylish, high quality lamps and shades resemble old school, sheet-over-the-head ghosties. Think designer Pac Man pursuers and you’re halfway there.

    Kaspa plain table lamp

    Kaspa plain table lamp

    Better still, the deluxe glow-in-the-dark Kaspas emit a ghoulish blue or green glow for up to an hour after you’ve switched off the light. How? Fear not, it’s not supernatural; it’s all down to phosphor-infused shades that ‘charge’ when the light bulb is gleaming. The effect is totally mesmerising – and it’s eco-friendly to boot, because parents won’t have to leave the light on when kids finally fall asleep. And dream about, erm, ghosts.

    We’re not entirely sure what Ms. Parry had in mind when she came up with these supremely spooky spirits but we reckon she was watching Scooby Doo re-runs whilst playing Pac-Man at the time. Indeed, we can’t resist mumbling ‘I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids,’ every time we glance at the Kaspas currently haunting the stockroom here at Castle Firebox.

    Ilsa Parry

    Designed by Ilsa Parry, the winner of
    BBC’s Design for Life series

    Ideal for insomniac ghost hunters, retro videogame freaks, ghost-loving kids and anyone who wishes it could be Halloween every day, Kaspa Ghost Lights are available as ceiling lightshades (that fit over any standard fitting) and standalone table lamps. So hurry up and get ordering before the clock strikes midnight and our spooktacular supply vanishes into the afterlife. Or something like that. Who ya gonna call? That’s right: Firebox. Woo-oo-ooh!

    The 'Design For Life' hopefuls

    The 'Design For Life' hopefuls

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