Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs

Kasa Smart Light Bulbs

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  • Instantly control your lighting environment with your smartphone
  • An affordable foray into the bright new world of smart lighting
  • Low energy, super efficient LED with a 15 year life-expectancy
  • No hubs or complicated setup, just plug in and you're ready to go
  • Countdown feature: auto-dial down the lights at night time
  • Create moods, set timers, and choose from over 16 million colours


If there has ever been a compelling reason to refresh your current lighting situation – this is it.

Kasa Smart Light Bulbs offer an immensely affordable way into the exciting world of smart lighting. These low energy, super efficient LED bulbs have a 15 year life expectancy, which is approximately 400% more efficient than regular light bulbs. Such is their solid performance – they'll have paid for themselves after just 18 months!

Unlike most other smart lighting systems, there's no expensive additional "hub" or complicated setup process – just plug in the bulbs, download and install the free app on your smartphone or tablet and you're ready to roll. With a far-reaching Bluetooth range of 30m, you can group up to 32 bulbs in different rooms and manage all of them simultaneously with one device.

With so many clever features crammed into such a sleek little device, where do we begin? The intuitive app lets you take complete control over your home lighting environment; select traditional white or yellow hues or choose from over 16 million colours, set timers and schedule lighting events, you can even group bulbs together to create mood and room presets to suit your space or activity.

Whether you're the forgetful type or you just want to unwind in the evenings, the handy countdown feature allows you to automatically dim down the lights at night time or when you leave the house. Whilst the simple scheduler is perfect for programming lighting patterns to put your mind at ease whilst away on holiday.

It's time to sling out those dull, inefficient orbs of glass and take full control of your lighting environment with the Kasa Smart Light Bulbs.

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2 Reviews

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  • "Good fun and useful to boot!"
    Charlie - 19th of October, 2016
  • "These are great, really easy to use and look cool, only downside is that all the colours are quite dark, could do with some pastels in there."
    Rita - 20th of September, 2016