Karlsson Projection Clock
  • Karlsson Projection Clock

Karlsson Projection Clock

The walls have…hands!

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    Karlsson Projection Clock
    Forget about wall clocks, what you need is a clock wall. It’s easy thanks to the Karlsson Projection Clock. Resembling a big-nosed designer Death Star (well, sort of) this funky mains-powered timepiece beams an analogue clock face, complete with sweeping second hand, onto any wall you fancy.

    Karlsson Projection Clock

    Black Edition

    Magic? We’d like to say yes but the compact Karlsson utilises a powerful LED to fling its clock face up to 8 metres away. It even comes with a magnetic stand so you can position it on a desk or table. Failing that attach it to your ceiling via the included fixtures and fittings. You can even swivel it to hit any wall with its tick-tocking tomfoolery.

    Unlike some projection clocks the Karlsson’s razor-sharp face is visible in daylight as well as darkness, allowing you to show off your designer nous 24/7. Jealous guests will be clock watching for all the right reasons. Ooh, look at the time!

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