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Karabina Bottle Opener
  • Karabina Bottle Opener

Karabina Bottle Opener

The corkscrew that thinks it's a climbing clasp

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    There are all kinds of bottle openers on the market: giant ones, mini ones, funny ones, rude ones, talking ones, luminous ones - the list is endless. But there comes a time in life when using novelty, 'I'm mad I am' objects to open your drinks becomes slightly passé.

    Because although funny fobs and crazy corkscrews are great when the boys are around, we've recently discovered that pulling out a SpongeBob opener when you're wining and dining a lady is tantamount to saying 'I still live with my mum and she irons my Y-fronts'.

    Karabina Bottle Opener That's why we've been on the lookout for a more manly bottle opener. And by the power of Selleck we've found one. More macho than a box full of Burt Reynolds' chest wigs and more rugged than Vin Diesel's stubble, the Karabina Bottle Opener is one of the finest no-nonsense drinking companions we've had the pleasure to test.

    Karabina Bottle Opener Shaped like one of those mountaineering clasp thingies that you always see snapping in movies, this sturdy hoop of metal looks suitably masculine hanging alongside your keys. But its familiar shape hints at extreme sports freak, not pasty games geek. Open a bottle with this little gizmo and ladies will expect you to strike a match on your cheek before scaling Everest. Maybe.

    Better still it's as practical as it looks. Featuring a robust corkscrew as well as a highly effective bottle opener, the Karabina weighs only 57g and will fit perfectly on keyrings and belt loops.

    Unlike some products on this site the Karabina doesn't talk, fire lasers or even feature an MP3 player. That said we expect it to fly off the shelves faster than you can say Kilimanjaro. So come on; be a man, be decisive and get ordering. We're off to watch Power Rangers.

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