Kangarila Golf Game
  • Kangarila Golf Game

Kangarila Golf Game

Now that’s a handicap!

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    Play a whole new type of game
    with a regulation size ball

    Shake up the rules and wake up the fairway with the Kangarila Golf Game. Using six of your own clubs and any golf course you like, this infuriating, tactical (and occasionally hilarious) game uses the specially-designed Kangarila golf ball as a dice.

    How does it work? Well, the surface of Kangarila ball is divided into pictures of the clubs you’re carrying – Wedge, Wood, 4 Iron, 7 Iron and Superclub (any additional club you choose to bring). Tee off as normal with any club your like, but then things take a turn for the ridiculous. Because wherever the ball lands, your next shot must be played with the club that’s facing upwards.

    all sides of golf ball

    Whichever side is facing upwards
    will be the next club you use!

    Think you’re ahead? Not for long, because you might suddenly find yourself driving up the fairway with a wedge, chipping with a wood, or attacking a bunker with 7-iron. Kangarila is a great way to level the playing field, hone your tactics, practice awkward shots and totally baffle anyone watching. ‘Hand me my wedge... Fore!’

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