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Kandela Magic Candle
  • Kandela Magic Candle

Kandela Magic Candle

Now that’s magic!

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    Ready... aim... fire!

    There’s always been something rather enchanting and Hogwarts-esque about candles. So it’s no surprise boffins have finally created one that is activated by a magic wand. Abraca-flickin’-dabra!

    Despite looking just like a regular flickering candle, the Kandela Magic Candle is actually illuminated by two LEDs. Naked flames and melted wax? Not on your Voldemort. Better still, you switch it on and off by swishing the accompanying wand. Now that’s magic! If flicking’s not your thing you can even blow it out. Don’t ask how, just don your cloak and prepare to wow! Guests will be gobsmacked.


    Turn on the candle with a flick of your wrist and a touch of magic, but remember a magician never reveals his secrets!


    Paul, Duncan and the Wand Company

    If you fancy falling asleep to the Kandela’s shimmering glow simply tap the wand twice and it will automatically switch off an hour later, giving you ample time to drift off dreaming of mischievous spells, horrible hexes and creepy castles. So don’t be an old-fashioned Muggle, get ordering – this thing’s wizard!

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