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Kaleidoscope Classic
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Kaleidoscope Classic

Strange blocks keep forming in my head!

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    If you're a puzzles shmuzzles type of person you've probably clicked on this page by mistake. After all, puzzles are for squares and Billy No Mates-types, aren't they? Well, no, not when they're as toe-curlingly addictive as Kaleidoscope Classic.

    In fact, this is one brainteaser that should come with a warning, as it is so fist-bitingly compelling you may find yourself buying an anorak and proudly scrawling 'Puzzle Nerd' on the back, because once you start fiddling with Kaleidoscope Classic you'll be so enthralled you won't give a hoot what anyone else thinks.

    So what's it all about then? Well, basically Kaleidoscope Classic consists of an 8x8 square board composed of 18 pieces, each unique in size, shape and/or colour. The object is to create a designated pattern using all 18 pieces. Each challenge varies in difficulty and whilst one pattern may have 20 billion solutions, another may have just one unique solution. The possibilities are endless!

    Kaleidoscope Classic comes complete with a book containing 101 exciting challenges and a strategy manual to help you on your way. The challenges range from relatively easy to extremely challenging, so you'll always have something to solve. And even if you don't, Kaleidoscope Classic can be endlessly mucked about with in order to discover new patterns. Speaking of which, new challenges are being created all the time so you'll never run out of pesky puzzles to solve. Riveting? This nifty, take-anywhere mind-mangler makes Rubik's Cube seem about as gripping as an episode of Eldorado.

    And that's hardly surprising as Kaleidoscope Classic has been created by a psychologist and a mathematician/physicist, and is designed to appeal to your left-brain, right-brain, memory and creativity. We don't know about that, but what we do know is that Kaleidoscope Classic is giving us brain ache (in a good way) as it is, without doubt, one of the most engrossing and original puzzles we've seen for absolutely yonks.

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