KISS Zin Fire Wine
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KISS Zin Fire Wine

This wine was made for loving you

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    Let’s face it. If there’s anyone we trust to develop a delicious, high quality wine it’s superstar rock band KISS. Made with Californian Zinfandel grapes crushed by the feet of Starchild, the Demon, Space Ace and Catman (the Fox and the Wiz weren’t invited); you know it tastes legit.

    The KISS Zin Fire Wine is described as a brazen blend of blackberry and pepper, with a hard-rocking kick and spicy smooth finish, this wine was made for loving you, baby. Plus, as it’s officially licensed, it’s ideal for KISS fans who want to rock and roll all nite in Detroit rock city, or those with nothing to lose on a getaway with a hard luck woman.

    As Gene Simmons very succinctly explains, ‘If you like wine, this one’s for you!’ The greatest rock and roll wine ever bottled? Just say yeah.
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