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  • Beautiful bottles of booze, anyone?
  • Delish tequila bottled in hand-painted Day of the Dead-esque vials
  • Choose from 3 expertly crafted flavours and designs
  • A one-of-a-kind collector's item worth collecting, because: booze



These wondrously crafted bottles have been inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. Forged from artisanal materials, the skull shaped vessel is adorned with exquisite motifs drawn from Mexican history and culture and capturing the essence of life.

What's more, you're utterly spoilt for ruddy choice. The fine folk over at KAH have only given you 3 scrumptious flavours and designs to choose from - AND they've even bothered to intrinsically describe each of these taste sensations for us. Gosh, those lot have really bent over backwards for our pleasure. Does this mean we're forever in their debt? Probably.

Blanco - Intense sweet notes of cooked agave, followed by a spicy white peppery punch. Silky and delicate, leaving on the palate a sachet of spices. Clear, pure roasted.

Anejo - Aromas of coffee, chocolate and tobacco are masterfully created during its two year ageing time in American white oak casks. Notes of vanilla and spice with a pristine finish.

Reposado - This ultra smooth 110 proof tequila slips slowly down the walls of the glass demonstrating its powerful personality. Full body, intense full agave flavour. Aged for ten months in French limousine casks, where it acquires subtle hints of vanilla and caramel.

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2 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Great little gift. Gorgeous decoration. Was bought as a present and the recipient was very happy."
    James - 31st of December, 2015
  • "Awesome looking, nicely made bottles. That's the main reason I bought actually. I don't even like Tequila!"
    Doug - 14th of August, 2015