Justin Bieber Mugshot Phone Cases
  • Justin Bieber Mugshot Phone Cases

Justin Bieber Mugshot Phone Cases

Is it too late now to say sorry?

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  • Let Bieber’s beautiful grin protect your smartphone
  • Lightweight but hard-wearing phone case
  • Reminisce about Justin’s bad boy phase
  • #tbt to 2014, a simpler time
  • Available for most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models


Protect your most precious asset - your phone, naturalment - with Justin Bieber’s mugshot. Back in 2014, the previously squeaky clean star got nicked for DUI while drag racing a Lamborghini and this smiley snap is the result.

Say what you want about him, but the man takes a damn fine picture. Then again, it’s easy to display such sunny optimism in the face of the law when you know Usher is on his way to bail you out.

Just like Justin himself, this phone case isn’t just a pretty face. It’s tough (lightweight, strong plastic) and tender (feels lovely to stroke), just like his lyrics. It’s basically like having Justin in the room with you.

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