Just Kittyng

    Just Kittyng

    Is that a lightning bolt in your pants?

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      Remember the rather personal lightning bolt that adorned Samantha in Sex and the City? Now, you can emulate the queen of kink with this sexy styling kit. The 'Just Kittyng' kit makes the Brazilian seem 'so last year, sweetie'. The oh-so-personal kit contains everything you need to keep yourself in trim in the most intimate way: heart-shaped stencils, a comb, wax and tweezers. And as waxing falls into the 'no pain, no gain' school of beauty, the kit also includes a gel with cucumber extract to help soothe that sting.

      Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve; it looks so much sexier elsewhere. But you don't just have to stick with the heart. Unlike lingerie, this kit gives you scope to create endless new looks. Create your own designs to match your mood or special occasions: celebrate St Patrick's Day with a Shamrock, or try a Playboy Bunny for an Easter surprise he won't forget. Show you're feeling racy with go-faster stripes, try an arrow to show him where he's aiming for, or see whether it's true that lightning never strikes twice, by copying Sam's lightning bolt. You can even go designer with a Gucci 'G': where else could you get a designer label for £19.95? And of course, if he hasn't been treating you to enough nights out recently, a 'No Entry' sign will soon get him to buck up his ideas.

      Remember though, this kit is one for the ladies only - as one of the more adventurous Firebox boys found out to his cost... But boys, you can still have fun with it, if your partner is up for letting you play. Just let her lie back while you get creative with the design.

      So, if you want to be sexy and stylish, Just Kittyng is what you need: it's the shape of things to come.

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