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Jungle Jam

    Jungle Jam

    Reflex-testing game

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      Carved from mature cedar trees by Native Americans, totem poles were forged to represent - among other things - a group's dignity, its accomplishments, its adventures and to serve as a reminder of its ancestry. All very noble. A wooden totem is also the centrepiece of Jungle Jam - but after a couple of alcohol-assisted games it's a dead cert there'll lots of adventures and little or no dignity in sight...

      Here's how you play:

      Jungle Jam

      Gather in a circle and place the totem in the middle. Next, distribute the cards evenly amongst the players, and then turn them over one by one. If there are matching symbols (this is the "Jam" referred to in the game's title), the owners of those cards have to try and snatch the wooden totem from the middle.

      The loser in the face-off downs a shot (chose your poison), picks up the winner's cards (plus their own already laid down), and adds them to their deck. First to have an empty hand wins...

      But of course it gets a bit more complicated as you play on...

      • If a "Fist With Totem" card is played it's a free-for-all for the totem. The winner gets to put their cards under it, to be picked up by the loser of the next "Jam".
      • If a "Fist Without Totem" card is played, the card owner counts to three and on three everyone puts another card down. Now the rules have changed and you're matching colours instead of symbols. Normal "shot drinking/card picking up" rules apply.
      • Grab the totem by mistake and you have to pick up everyone's cards already laid down on the table.

      It took us about 3 rounds to really get into the swing of things. Some of the cards are so similar it takes a bit of practice to know if you're grabbing the totem in error - but once you get going this really is a fast-paced, addictive game.

      Your first few rounds will probably be without serious incident - but as the night carries on, we recommend hiding away anything breakable in the loft.

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