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  • Q: Are you hallucinating? What's going on? Is the end nigh?
  • A: Get a blasted hold of yourself. These are JumpFromPaper Bags
  • Rather magical in appearance, illustration literally comes to life
  • Bold colours & outlines mean these bags literally jump from the page
  • Ultra slim in appearance but mighty accommodating
  • Each of the 3 styles are sure to obliterate minds


No, you haven’t just popped out the dodgy side of a rabbit hole, these insanely fabulous bags are 100% legit.

Hailing from two glorious ladies in Taiwan who wanted to find a way to bring 2D illustrations to life - it’s safe to say they’ve done an awe-inspiring job at succeeding.

Each of these 3 designs features bold outlines, bright vibrant colours and will likely explode the heads of unexpecting strangers you pass in the street. Although super slim in appearance, these sleek fiends have a wide berth, being more than capable of accommodating your bits and bobs. Bits and bobs being iPads, tablets, books, magazines, K Ciders - whatever it is the kids are stuffing in their bags these days.

Should you be wanting to transport an extra wide load, there’s a zipper at the base of each bag that gives you that much needed extra room.

JumpFromPaper Bags are like nothing you've ever seen outside of a colouring book, and we're in freakin' awe.

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