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    Juice Squeezer

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      There really is nothing as refreshing as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. However, being bothered to prepare such a beverage is another question entirely. On a traditional press-and-twist dish-type squeezer, the resulting pip-sprinkled pulp is no reward for a good few minutes of effort.

      Which is where the juice squeezer comes in. It's stylish, very hard wearing and all you do is shove your bit of citrus in, give the handle a hearty yank and remove the container full of strained juice. It does the job of getting every last drop out very nicely indeed, and is quicker even than some of the over-fangled electric juicers.

      Alfresco breakfasts aren't the only thing you can use it for. Cocktails asking for juice improve immeasurably with a bit of freshly-squeezed instead of ready-made, and there are hundreds of times when you need a dash of lemon juice. Fruits and boozes not supplied.

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