Joseph Joseph No-Spill Mill
  • Joseph Joseph No-Spill Mill

Joseph Joseph No-Spill Mill

Tidy grinder

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    Flared handle (White version)

    There are literally billions of salt and pepper grinders out there, but very few are as clean, simple and tidy as the Joseph Joseph No-Spill Mill. Not only can you operate this stylish electric grinder with one hand, but it also seals off the grinding mechanism after use. So it won’t make a mess of your worktop when you put it down.

    Fill it with either salt or pepper and adjust the ceramic grinding mechanism to a coarseness of your choice – we like chunky flecks of cracked pepper on our spag bol, but this motorised whizzer will happily grind it into dust if you prefer. Give the flared handle a squeeze and it’ll expose the grinder; dispensing as little or as much salt or pepper as you like. When you’ve finished seasoning your dish, just release the handle and the unit will shut down and seal away the mechanism again. Easy peasy!

    In fact, this electric mill is so easy to use you’ll be tempted to season everything in sight. ‘Ah, brushing your teeth, I see. Would madam care for pepper?’ *Whirrrrrrrr*

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