Joseph Joseph Nest Set
  • Joseph Joseph Nest Set

Joseph Joseph Nest Set

Save space and cook up a storm

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    Unless you’ve got a gargantuan, Ramsay-esque kitchen, buying cupboard-hogging bowls, sieves, colanders and juicers is pretty daft. Step forward the space-saving Nest Set.

    Whisking in the Nest Set's bowl

    Designer whisking

    Super practical and ultra sleek, this designer collection of stackable kitchenware is just the ticket for anyone with limited cupboard space. And that means almost all of us, right? Crafted in durable ABS plastic, the Nest Set’s five individual components are designed to sit neatly inside one another. A bit like Russian dolls minus the rosy cheeks and headscarves.

    Showing three of the 5 components
    Commandeering minimal space, it’s hard to believe this funky collection of kitchen essentials comprises a large mixing bowl, small mixing bowl with measurements, sieve, colander and juicer – gear that would normally take up a couple of shelves at the very least.

    A perfect travelling companion for galloping gourmets, the Nest Set is ideal for use in holiday villas, caravans and any other set up where space is an issue. In fact, seeing as you can’t swing a cat, let alone cook up a storm, in most urban kitchens, this is an ideal addition to all but the grandest of home.

    All components stacked together


    Still not convinced? What if we told you that every item bar the sieve is dishwasher safe and that the juicer features a non-slip base? If that hasn’t swayed you, just think about the extra cupboard space you’ll free up for all those ‘vital’ appliances (sandwich toaster, waffle iron, lean mean doodah, fondue set) currently collecting dust on your cluttered worktops. In the words of ol’ Gordon himself: ‘Bowl. Mix. Drain. Sieve. Squeeze. Stack. Done.’

    All five pieces

    The perfect 5 piece set

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