Joseph Joseph Kitchen Set
  • Joseph Joseph Kitchen Set

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Set

Upgrade your utensils

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    elevate utensils

    Solid Spoon and Flat Turner

    Browsing through Joseph Joseph’s award-winning range of stylish kitchen utensils, it’s easy to get overexcited and shout “I WANT EVERYTHING!” at your unsuspecting screen. Well now you can have just that (and avoid a frothy outburst) with the Joseph Joseph Kitchen Set. Complete with six essential items from across their range, this is the perfect gift for any new home-owner, or for bringing some much-needed pizzazz to your own culinary collection.

    chop 2 pot plus

    White Chop 2 Pot Plus board

    Included in the set is a Solid Spoon and a Flat Turner from Joseph Joseph’s Elevate range. These cleverly-weighted utensils can be rested on a worktop without their heads coming into contact with it- minimising mess and ensuring a hygienic work surface.

    The Chop 2 Pot Plus is an innovative chopping board with integral “living” hinges. With a squeeze of the handle, the whole thing folds into a three-walled scoop, allowing transfer of fruit, vegetables, or meat to a pan without any spillage.

    green square colander

    Square Colander

    The Square Colander has a vertical handle to make rinsing food under a tap easier. The bottom of the handle acts as a fourth leg, increasing the colander’s footprint, for greater overall stability. What’s more, by being square it fits far more snugly into a sink, and the vertical holes allow for speedy draining.

    Never sure how much spaghetti to cook? The ingenious Spaghetti Measure provides an adjustable portion guide to accurately serve up to four people. Depending on how many people you’re cooking for, the adjustable camera-style aperture changes size to hold more, or less dry spaghetti.

    Spaghetti Measure and magnetic measuring spoon

    Spaghetti Measure and
    Magnetic Measuring Spoon

    Finally, the Magnetic Measuring Spoon provides you with both a teaspoon and a tablespoon-size measure, each marked with half-fill measures as well. Being magnetic you can always have it to hand, stuck on the fridge or nearby metal surface. It also makes a great holder for handy memos, like “Bake a cake”. Mmmmmmmmm... cake.

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