Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker
  • Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

I whip my clove back and forth...

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    Joseph Joseph Garlic Crusher

    It takes visionaries like Joseph Joseph to take something we’ve been using for years and redesign it so simply that it puts all of its predecessors to shame. They’ve managed just this with the Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker, which achieves the same results as a traditional garlic press, but with a stylish piece of stainless steel and a gentle rocking motion.

    Capable of crushing a clove quickly and evenly, the smooshed pieces are forced through the mesh of holes to collect in the Rocker’s dipped bowl shape, ready to be scraped out into a tasty Bolognese or garlic bread. Mmmmmmmm... garlic bread.

    Thanks to the magical properties of stainless steel, cleaning it by hand under a cold tap after use will remove any garlic odours from your hands. Although if you’ve managed to avoid coming into contact with the pungent stuff, it’ll go perfectly well in a dishwasher.

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