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Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set
  • Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set

Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set

Your cakey-bakey start

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    Adjustable rolling pin

    Adjustable rolling pin

    Bring a little designer dazzle to your kitchen with the remarkably practical Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set. Not only do these pink and aubergine utensils look utterly unique, they’re awfully clever too.

    Take the rolling pin, for instance. Just like its less colourful cousin the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin this handy wooden roller lets you adjust the size of discs on the end – letting you roll our pastry, bread or cookie dough perfectly evenly. Choose from 2mm, 6mm or 10mm thickness, or take them off completely to go freestyle (you maverick).

    Spatula and Pastry Brush

    Spatula and Pastry Brush

    The set also includes a Spatula and Pastry Brush from Joseph Joseph’s Elevate range. So-called because the weighted handles actually lift up the messy end when they’re resting on a tabletop or counter – ideal for keeping work surfaces clean and the utensils hygienic.

    Pie Timer

    Time pies

    Finally the Pie Timer, well... times pies. Not in the sense of a 100m sprint, but to make sure that your golden-topped lovelies come out of the oven at exactly the right time. The simple design with 'pie-slice' viewing window would look great in any kitchen and makes a tantalising reminder of the pastry yumminess to come. Of course, you can also use it for other things like boiling eggs, baking lasagnes, roasting the Christmas turkey, or playing Kitchen Countdown.

    As a set, these ingenious utensils make a great gift for any new home-owner. But they’re just as good for luring design-minded folk into the kitchen to bake their stylish socks off. Pink? It’s the new black, dah-ling!

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