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Jon Snow Globe
  • Jon Snow Globe
  • Jon Snow Globe

Jon Snow Globe

Snow business

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Jon Snow Globe
Brand spanking NEW
  • Winter has come and it’s all around him
  • For people who snow nothing
  • Basically it’s Jon Snow in a snow globe
  • AKA the King in the Globe!
  • Geddit?


Winter came. In fact, Winter-fell all over Jon Snow’s head. So we put him in a snow globe, because puns are legit. It was a natural sequel to our Daenerys Stormborn Weather Predictor, Jaime Lannister Golden Hand Mug, and Podrick Payne Jizz The Game.

It’s incredible that it stays cold inside that thing with someone so hot inside it. Who knew that snow was smoulder-proof?

We did consider making this a DIY Kit, but we figured we'd sell a Harring-ton more of them if we did the work for you.

No matter how it ends for Jon Snow, at least this globe will immortalise him in the way we remember him best: sexy, and covered in his namesake.

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