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    Simple and easy to use design

    We love our smartphones. But not our clumsy sausage fingers. Especially when they send horrendously misleading auto-corrected text messages, delete our entire email inbox, or upload ‘that picture’ from ‘that weekend’ to Facebook, when all we meant to do was ring our mum.

    Thankfully in this modern age of high-tech oojamaflippery, John’s Phone is refreshingly simple. It’s a mobile phone that, well... makes and receive calls. That’s it. No complicated SMS messaging, no internet, no GPS and no complicated instructions.

    Available in three colours:
    3 colours: white, black and gold




    hidden pen and notebook to write down names and numbers

    Includes pen and book for contacts

    It even comes with a paper address book and pen to keep all those important numbers to hand. It’s the ideal phone for kids, oldies, technophobes and anyone who likes to keep things nice and simple.

    And with great simplicity comes great power. Since John’s Phone isn’t wasting its battery on lobbing birds at piggies, looking at pictures from last night or browsing the internet it has a talktime of 6 hours and standby time up to 3 weeks! On top of all this, John’s Phone comes fully unlocked. So it’s compatible with virtually any SIM card and network worldwide.

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