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Joe's Garden Gloves
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Joe's Garden Gloves

Mister rubber shrubber

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    Joe's Garden Gloves

    Foam latex coating

    ‘Gardening’ is a very broad term. It could mean anything from digging a pond to growing rare orchids. So before you troop out of the back door, make sure you’re wearing the right gloves for the job. Joe's Garden Gloves come in three distinct styles to give you protection for prickly jobs, dexterity for finicky ones, or a balance of both.

    Choose from The Protective One, The Dextrous One or The Essential One (or orange, pink, or green as we like to call them). The Protective One is made from nylon and natural latex, making it resistant to thorns with superior grip for heavy jobs. The Dextrous One is made from nylon with a nitrile coating, for flexibility and improved grip. And finally, the Essential One is made with foam latex making it lightweight with improved grip for your general gardening needs.
    Orange version

    The Protective One:
    Resistant to thorns with superior grip

    Pink version

    The Dextrous One:
    Flexible and improved grip

    green version

    The Essential One:
    Lightweight with improved grip

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