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Jimi Wallet

No more cracked credit cards

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    Jimi Wallet

    Keep your cards safe!

    This is most definitely the plastic age, especially when it comes to the contents of your wallet: credit cards, membership cards, ID cards, travel cards, Joe Pasquale fan club cards - the list is endless. Unfortunately traditional wallets don't really protect your precious slivers of plastic. And cracked cards are about as much use as Spam banknotes. Step forward the Jimi Wallet.

    Jimi Wallet

    Detachable money clip

    This super-slim translucent wallet is the hardman of card/cash receptacles because it's crafted in tough, water-resistant plastic. Simply slip in a few cards and notes, pop it in your pocket and go about your daily business, safe in the knowledge Jimi will keep your valuables safe and sound. It even has a detachable money clip if you want to go mega-slim.

    Jimi Wallet

    Pop the top...

    Open out...

    Add your cards or cash!

    Jimi Wallet

    Flash your ID about!

    The Jimi's see-through shell means you can flash relevant cards without taking them out - ideal for travel/quick ID checks. What's more the Jimi is eco-friendly as it's made from 100% recycled plastic, so you won't feel guilty every time you reach for your Tree Hugger membership card.

    Great for all your outdoorsy-types, the Jimi's sturdy, water-resistant shell protects cards and cash from snow, rain, bumps and thumps. It also prevents cards from bending and cracking as you race down mountains and plonk your backside on barstools.

    Jimi Wallet

    Useful for all sorts of cards you carry around

    Jimi Wallet

    Attach a lanyard or pocket chain to your Jimi Wallet

    The Jimi doesn't hold as much stuff as a traditional wallet (five cards plus three folded bills) but that's deliberate. If you want to use a Jimi you have to play by Jimi's rules, and that means paring down. And that's a good thing because your fusty old leather wallet is probably bursting at the seams with unwanted cards and ancient receipts that should've been binned years ago.

    Speaking of old-style wallets, isn't it about time you replaced yours with a funky little Jimi? Whether you're looking for an everyday wallet, a travel wallet, or you simply need to get organised, Jimi is here to save the day.

    Jimi Wallet

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