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    Create different pictures

    Create any puzzle!

    Jigsaws are great for adults and kids alike, but they can be a bit of a one-trick pony. And in today’s blink-and-OMG-I’m-so-bored world, that usually means an early retirement to the forget-me-shelf. Well Jigazo is set to change all that.

    Using the same pieces, this brilliant next generation jigsaw puzzle can make a different greyscale picture every time you play with it!

    How? Well, each of the 300 puzzle pieces has unique tone and pattern. What’s more, they each have their own individual symbol on the back. Lay them out on the supplied assembly grids – according to where the symbols appear – and you can build up a picture of the Mona Lisa, a collie dog, a kitten, a panda bear or even Mr Monopoly! Yes, we know that’s a bit random, but the fun doesn’t end there.

    Convert photo into puzzle Find coded pieces Place them on the board

    Convert your photo into the puzzle code via the software

    Find the coded pieces

    Place them on the board

    You can use the supplied software to convert your own digital photos into Jigazo assembly grids. Just print them out and lay the puzzle pieces on their corresponding symbols, and hey presto – it’s your face in a jigsaw! Or your house, your family, your dog, your holiday snaps... there’s no end to the number of different puzzles you can create. Take that, forget-me-shelf!

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