Jesus Watch
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Jesus Watch

Timepiece and goodwill to all

Product not available at the moment.
  • Let our lord Jesus watch over you
  • Papal approval pending
  • Glow in the dark hands (just like the man himself)
  • Also featuring the Virgin Mary


We’re piously proud to present the Jesus Watch, a 100% legitimate, replica Rolex featuring the face of Mary's immaculate child in a stylish, stainless-steel setting.

Enjoy the timeless style of a Rolex (at a fraction of the cost), safe in the knowledge that Jesus watches over you. Plus, just like Jesus, it's not phased by water, has 3 hands and glows in the dark... Perfect for putting on your Sunday best.

Isn’t it about time you let the Jesus Watch into your life?

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Genuine fake Rolex!"
    Angela - 26th of November, 2015
  • "I am now the proud owner of a holy wrist. Bit big for me, but who's bigger than Jesus?"
    Tom - 17th of June, 2015
  • "Best watch I ever owned."
    Marleen - 15th of May, 2015