Jellyfish Bath Light
  • Jellyfish Bath Light
  • Jellyfish Bath Light

Jellyfish Bath Light

Blooming Relaxing

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  • Bobs on the surface and gently pulsates just like a real jellyfish
  • Made from a smooth, waterproof plastic
  • Available in three quintessential jellyfish colours
  • Won't wrap its tentacles round your legs and sting you to death


When pushed to come up with the two most relaxing and invigorating activities in the World, we quickly settled on:
  1. Taking a long, steamy bubble bath
  2. Watching a 5 hour nature documentary about bioluminescent jellyfish, hypnotically narrated by Sir David Attenborough
Not convinced by number 2? Think again...
  • As a species they've been around for about 650 million years!
  • They can clone themselves!
  • They haven't got brains!
Are we on the same page now? Because thanks to the Jellyfish Bath Light you can (safely) bring these wondrous marine animals into the bath tub with you. Available in three majestic colours, they bob above the surface and gently pulsate just like the real thing.

These cute domed creatures are made from a smooth waterproof plastic and are endowed with dinky little tentacles – distinctly more desirable than your typical tangled mess of gelatinous venom.

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  • "I didn't realise that the light pulses, so I was a little surprised, but if anything that made it better. I love this little light!"
    Kat - 1st of October, 2016
  • "Lovely little ambient light. My niece loves it during bath time, I love it during me time."
    Sarah - 28th of June, 2016