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Jelly Super Sperms
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Jelly Super Sperms

Sweets with a little more spunk

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Jelly Super Sperms
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  • Distinctly more palatable than the real thing
  • Creamy Piña colada flavour as opposed to, well...
  • Won't get anyone pregnant or stain the sheets
  • Giant gummy ovaries sold separately


Looking for some sweets with a little more spunk? You've come to the right place.

Fill yer gob with a load of Jelly Super Sperms! These are some powerful premium swimmers, just look at the bloody size of 'em!

Plus they taste of Piña colada so they're a hell of a lot more palatable than the real thing.
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  • "Love these I get them for my boyfriend every valentines it's become a tradition to buy jelly bobs they are great value and they taste great "
    - 1st of July, 2020