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Jelly Belly Money Box
  • Jelly Belly Money Box

Jelly Belly Money Box

Every bean counter’s dream

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    Jelly Belly Money Box

    An iconic desktop!

    Everyone loves Jelly Bellies. Indeed these flavoursome jelly beans are so moreish it makes sense to support your addiction by saving your pennies. So why not do it with the eye-catching Jelly Belly Money Box.

    Brought to you by the world's number one gourmet jelly bean manufacturer, this officially licensed bean-shaped money box is ideal for bean counters, Jelly Belly scoffers and parsimonious lovers of iconic sweetie brands.

    Jelly Belly Money Box

    Save in style

    Speaking of which, did you know that there are over 50 official Jelly Belly flavours? Or that Ronald Reagan was such a fan he kept a jar on his desk in the Oval Office? Indeed, Jelly Bellies are so cool they are currently being used to create amazing mosaic images by artists across the globe.

    Durable, chunky and phenomenally funky, the Jelly Belly Money Box beats boring ol’ piggy banks hands down. And just think of all the yummy beans you’ll be able to buy when it’s full. Ooh, Sunkist Tangerine!

    Colours available:
    Jelly Belly Money Box: Pink Jelly Belly Money Box: Green Jelly Belly Money Box: Red




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