Jelly Belly Hand Warmers
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Jelly Belly Hand Warmers

Warm your beans

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    red Hand Warmers

    Choose from Cherry Jelly Beans...

    Not happy lording it over all the other jelly beans, Jelly Belly has decided to take on the home furnishings market as well. And why not? With their bright colours and rounded shape, Jelly Belly beans would look great at any scale – cushions, couches, caravans, you name it!

    But now they’ve gone one step further. Jelly Belly Handwarmers are palm-sized versions of their classic cherry and blueberry beans. But instead of being made from scoffable jelly, they’re made from a super soft plush material. Just pop them in the microwave and these ever-so-tactile bean bags will warm up in less than a minute and stay warm for over an hour!

    blue Hand Warmers

    Or Blueberry Jelly Beans

    They’re wonderfully warming when you’ve just come in from the cold, or on those chilly winter mornings as you’re heading out the door – just blast them in the microwave for a few seconds and pop ‘em in your pockets to keep your hands (and legs) toasty. Can any other jelly beans do that? No they can’t. Yes we tried.

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