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Jelly Belly Beanboozled

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    Coconut or baby wipes? Chocolate or canned dog food?

    Think you’ve got a strong stomach? Then prepare your taste buds for the finest and foulest collection of jelly beans ever created. Every pack of Jelly Belly Beanboozled contains a random mix of twenty jelly bean flavours. Ten of them are delightfully tasty little nuggets; ranging from Juicy Pear to Buttered Popcorn. So what’s the catch?

    Well the other ten are inspired by some of the most stomach-turning smells and flavours around. Don’t believe us? This rogues gallery includes Mouldy cheese, Pencil Shavings, Baby Wipes, and – those with a delicate constitution look away now – Skunk Spray, Booger and Barf.

    What’s more, it’s almost impossible to tell the good flavours from the bad. So until you’ve popped the brown one in your mouth there’s no way of knowing if it’s Chocolate Pudding or Tinned Dog Food. Think the red one looks safe? Well it could be Strawberry Jam. Then again, it could be Centipede!

    Have you and your friends got what it takes to give them a try? Test your mettle – and your stomach – with this deliciously disgusting mix. Bon appetit!
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