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Jelly Belly Beanaturals Jar
  • Jelly Belly Beanaturals Jar

Jelly Belly Beanaturals Jar

Jelly beans for everyone!

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    Undisputed king of the jelly beans, Jelly Belly, have done it again. Not only are the scoffable new Beanaturals free from wheat, dairy, gluten and fat, they’re gelatine free too – finally giving vegetarians a chance to join the party! And speaking of parties, you’ll need one if you’re going to get through the Jelly Belly Beanaturals Jar.

    This humungous 2.2kg jar is packed with 14 different flavours; each made using only naturally-sourced colours and flavours. The only thing a veggie might baulk at is the addition of beeswax and shellac in red food colouring; but if you’re ok with those then pop some in your mush!

    Flavours range from smooth and dreamy barbecue banana to warm, rich liquorice. Pick and choose from the menu on the back, or roll ‘em around your mouth until you’ve guessed all 14. Nope, it’s no good, we’re going to need another handful...
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