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Jellephish Lamp

Amazing technicolour chill lamp

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    We've seen some astonishing examples of mood lighting in our time but this ultra-modern masterpiece takes the biscuit. Indeed, in terms of style and functionality, the colour changing, remote controlled Jellephish Mood Lamp takes the biscuit, smashes it with an anvil and blasts the crumbs into infinity aboard a rocket piloted by Cookie Monster.

    Jellephish Mood Lamp Okay, maybe that's a tad OTT, but we're seriously besotted by the Jellephish. Why? Well for starters it's just so gorgeously chic. In fact, this sleek piece of contemporary ambient lighting wouldn't look out of place in Jean Luc Picard's boudoir. And yet its transparent acrylic base gives it a slight Barbarella-esque retro-modern feel. But enough about the Jellephish's stunning looks, because this captivating light is a triumph of function as well as form.

    By utilising processor-controlled digital LED technology the dome of the Jellephish can cycle through an almost infinite palette of seductive colours, making it ideal for setting the mood in any scenario, livening up soirees or adding a sexy, chilled atmosphere to your home.

    Jellephish Mood Lamp
    Jellephish Mood LampJellephish Mood Lamp

    Jellephish Mood Lamp But that's not all, because the Jellephish features 4 preset modes, all of which can be controlled by its smart little RC unit: Static Mode lets you select a single fixed colour, Scrolling Mode causes the lamp to continually cycle through a kaleidoscope of funky colours (you control the speed) and Pearlescent produces a cool white light, with hints of red, green and blue to give a calming opaque effect with five levels of intensity. There's even a Sound to Light Mode that causes the Jellephish to change colour in time to your music. Phew!

    Jellephish Mood Lamp If all this doesn't make the Jellephish the undisputed master of mood lighting, check this out: although it can be used as a free standing table lamp, the Jellephish's dome can be individually mounted flush against a wall. It really is one of the most versatile light emitting gizmos we've ever seen! And even though we can't see inside your home (or maybe we can; that's for us to know and you to ponder) we know it will look amazing in any room you choose.

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