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Jealous Sweets
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Jealous Sweets

Fun gums for everyone!

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    Sour or Gummy? I'll have both!

    Why are they called Jealous Sweets? Because you’ll have to get used to sharing them around. In four stylish selection boxes; together these beautifully packaged retro sweets are free from all the things that would strike them from many people’s lists.

    Each one is free from artificial colours and flavours, but some have even more nifty tricks up their sleeve. Take Gummy Heaven, for instance. Packed with all sorts of gummy surprises it’s suitable for vegetarians to enjoy. And the same goes for Paradise Lost and its selection of fizzy chews. For those who like getting back to nature, Enchanted Eden (pastilles, gummy bears, fizzy worms, om nom nom) is both suitable for vegetarians and it’s organic. And finally, Sinfully Sour might suggest a trip to the dark side, but these fizzy sweets are actually suitable for vegans. Did we leave anyone out? Oh yes, the packaging is recyclable too.
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    Boxes Available (from L-R): Gummy Heaven, Sunfully Sour, Paradise Lost, Enchanted Eden

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