Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Headphones
  • Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Headphones

Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Headphones

Don’t be caught wearing a wire

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    Sleek, comfortable design

    We’ve seen some high-tech Bluetooth headsets in our time, but none as cool as the Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Headphones. And they don’t sound too bad either- featuring high fidelity bass response and advanced apt-X technology, to upgrade your overall audio experience.

    Designed with athletes in mind, the headband hugs the head closely and comfortably, so it stays put when you’re out jogging, or hurting yourself in the gym. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth receiver, you’ll also save yourself from getting tangled up in wires.

    Available in four colours:
    the colours available

    Runner Red

    Sonic Blue

    Apple Red


    simple touch controls. the power is at your fingertips.

    Simple touch controls

    Several controls built into the headband let you play, pause and change tracks with minimal effort while you work out. What’s more, the built-in high-sensitivity microphone lets you receive phone calls from any Bluetooth-enabled phone.

    Thanks to its advanced apt-X technology, all of the data sent from your Bluetooth media player is received and converted into CD quality sound, providing the very best audio performance of any Bluetooth headset.

    Offical partners of the USA Triathlon Team, these high-performance headsets are guaranteed for life against sweat damage. Sadly, no mention of blood or tears though.

    iSport Connector Accessory:
    Don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled iThingy? No worries! Plug in the tiny iSport to beam music from your iPod, or boost the Bluetooth signal of your iPhone or iPad to apt-X CD quality sound.

    iSport Connector


    uSport Connector


    uSport Connector Accessory:
    Alternatively, connect the uSport Universal Bluetooth Adapter – built for all things non-apple, this ultra slim device will connect to any player with a regular-sized headphone jack (3.5mm), upgrading your sound to apt-X CD quality.

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