James Bond Stealth Camera

    James Bond Stealth Camera

    Nobody does it better!

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      As Dr Kananga/Mr Big once pointed out: "Names is for tombstones, baby." A fair point, but even the coolest supervillain is bound to get just a little hot under the Nehru-collar when he hears the immortal moniker Bond, James Bond. We certainly did when we heard about this incredible, officially licensed miniature digital camera.

      Hailing from the illustrious Digital Dreams stable, makers of the celebrated L'espion range, the beautiful James Bond "JB1" Spy Camera packs a phenomenally powerful technological punch, and has so many features even Q would be lost for words. So listen up, because we'll say this only once. As well as taking up to 150 shots in Hi Res mode (310 in Lo Res mode), this miniature marvel boasts a Self Timer mode, a Video Clip with Sound mode AND an Audio Record mode. The camera also comes with an idiot-proof software package that allows you to get your images in and out of your computer faster than you can say "Ernst Stavro Blofeld."

      Best of all, the JB1 features a sneaky James Bond surveillance mode! By pressing the mode button until the JB icon is displayed you can set your camera to record images at preset time intervals of up to 90 minutes. Of course, we'd never suggest leaving anything as tiny and inconspicuous as the JB1 near someone you might like to spy on. That would be a very naughty and underhand thing to do, after all. But you could...

      Looks-wise, the JB1 is, as Bond himself might say, "Shimply shtunning, Mish Moneypenny." Indeed, with its sleek lines and gorgeous polished chrome finish, this is sexier than Plenty O' Toole and Pussy Galore combined. And yet, thanks to the miracles of miniaturization, it's tiny enough to fit into Nick Nack's pocket without ruining the cut of his cute little henchman's suit.

      Whether you're on Her Majesty's secret service or your own covert reconnaissance mission, the JB1 delivers the goods big time. So with 007 (and Goldfinger in particular) in mind, we've decided to choose our next witticism carefully, as it may well be our last: "We don't expect you to gawk, Mr Bond, we expect you to buy!"

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      The Official James Bond Digital Camera

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