Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Jagermeister Drunken Drizzler

Upcycled Oil Decanter

Product not available at the moment.
  • Perfect for drizzling oils on posh-sounding foods
  • Feel like some kind of fancy-pants television chef
  • Feel good about yourself for recycling
  • A similar melted effect may occur when finishing a bottle of Jager
Are you the sort of person who calls a sandwich a focaccia, a sauce a jus or a piece of toast a tostada? Well, you’re either Italian/Spanish or inclined towards culinary pretension. Either way, have we got the bottle for you!

‘Upcycled’ from an old Jagermeister bottle, this thick glass Drunken Drizzler has been moulded into an intriguingly twisted shape, and features a stainless steel pouring nozzle.

It’s ideal for infusing your own oils, drizzling rarefied olive oil on pieces of dried bread or simply refilling with Jager.

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