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Iwako Mini Collectible Erasers
  • Iwako Mini Collectible Erasers

Iwako Mini Collectible Erasers

The new eraser craze

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    Using the Panda as an eraser

    No, don't use my collectible panda!

    It’s difficult to talk about the Iwako Mini Collectible Erasers without a thundering of size 13 feet and sea of grabby little hands. Because these teeny rubber critters have all the hallmarks of the next playground craze..

    Who knows how these things start, but Iwako are obscure, cute, collectible and Japanese. Everything a good craze should be. But best of all, they don’t cost the earth! So you can buy ‘em in their dozens! You can thank us later.

    Examples of the different sets

    Examples of the different sets available (L-R):
    Sea Creatures, Cooking, Stationery, Puppies, Bears and Rabbits and Animals

    Close up of the heads

    Have some fun with the
    removable heads!

    But Iwako are more than just doe-eyed little beasties. Each one is actually an eraser. Making them perfect for pencil cases and back-to-school bundles. And you don’t even need to worry about which ones your nippers would like most, because they’re blind-packaged. It’s impossible to know what you’ve got until you open the pack!

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