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Itzbeen Baby Care Timer
  • Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

The key to consistency

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    Built in night light

    Keeping up with all of your baby’s needs, 24 hours a day, can be a bit of a plate spinning act. Feeding, sleeping, bathing, changing, medication, activities... never mind being woken up in the night, just getting to sleep with all this whizzing around your head can be impossible.

    Of course, seasoned parents can do it with their eyes closed (and sometimes do). But for first-time parents, it can be pretty overwhelming. Well newbie mums and dads can now rest easy – the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer will help you keep things running smoothly.

    With four easy-to-use timers you will always know how long it has been since the last nappy change, feed, or sleep. How you use the fourth timer is up to you. Track your baby’s medication, exercise, or simply when it’s your other half’s turn to take over.

    One touch of the individual buttons will begin each timer and you can even set alarms so that you don’t miss anything. With a handy nightlight on top it’ll cast a soothing glow while your baby falls asleep and the backlit LCD screen lets you use it even in the dark (yes, there is a good chance you will be required to use it at night). And if all this wasn’t handy enough, nursing mums can also set a reminder which side they last fed from. In fact, short of burping your windy tot the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is every first-time parent’s best friend.

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