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It's Britney, Beach Towel
  • It's Britney, Beach Towel

It's Britney, Beach Towel

If U Seek A Towel

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It's Britney, Beach Towel
It's new, exclusive and it's a Firebox Original! 😱
  • The biggest fabric tribute to Miss Spears in the world
  • Nah, for real tho, it’s 1.7m long, AKA HUGE
  • Made of quick-drying, easy-clean weave cloth
  • Small weave means sand won’t decide to set up residence
  • Cruelty free! Literally no need to harm animals for a beach towel


If Britney Spears was a towel, she would be this towel.

Fast drying, slim, with a small weave, practically repels sand, cruelty free, and seriously stunning. Sounds like Britney to us.

Only difference is this towel is MASSIVE whereas Britney is quite petite. 1.7m massive. The towel, not Britney. You could fit an entire audience at one of her gigs on this towel! Don’t try it though, just take our word for it.

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