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Isiah Whitlock, Jr Talking Bobblehead


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  • The worst thing about Isiah Whitlock, Jr?
  • He's just one person - so he can't be everywhere
  • That problem is now solved thanks to this talking bobble-head
  • At last the elongated delivery of this expletive can be heard on repeat
  • Absolutely smashed its Kickstarter campaign
Sheeeeeeeee-it... this is gold. Everyone's favourite corrupt State Senator is now available in bobble-head form. Best-catchphrase-in-the-world-ever included.

After 8 years of continuous harassment by strangers on the street, Whitlock (and his deeply traumatised vocal chords) decided to harness the famously strung out profanity in the form of this ecstatically awesome bobble-head.

Not only is this a glorious memento for all Wi-hards - this wobbly little treasure offers a fantastic response to anything life throws at you. Allow us to demonstrate:
  • Good news: Sheeeeeeeee-it
  • Devastating news: Sheeeeeeeee-it
  • Very mediocre news: Sheeeeeeeee-it (raise one eyebrow so sarcasm can be detected here)
Let Whitlock do all your human interactions for you.

Wait, there's more! Each Isiah Whitlock, Jr. Talking Bobblehead is individually hand-painted, packaged in its own collectible box, and comes with three different recordings, each available to you at the mere push of a button.

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2 Reviews

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  • "Gift for the husband at Christmas, he also received a beautiful watch that I agonised over for months. Guess which he prefers......."
    Lorraine - 31st of December, 2015
  • "This is the funniest bobble head I have seen and had to get one sheeeeeeeeit."
    Sam - 9th of December, 2015