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  • Ironman


The stylish way to get rid of wrinkles

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    Ironman When we set up Firebox we never thought we'd be selling anything as mundane as an ironing board. We're all about inspirational products with a twist. But Ironman is exactly that! Indeed this award-winning ironing board will revolutionise the way you de-crease your clobber, and it's so stylish you'll want to keep it on display, not hidden away.

    As you can see, Ironman is shaped like a human form - which makes sense when you consider most clothes are designed to cover one. So unless you buy your threads at Two-Headed Octopuses R US, you're laughing.

    Ironman Ironman's unique shape makes ironing easy and his broad chest provides a greater surface area for ironing shirts, skirts and linen. Better still, his legs allow you to slip over trousers and shorts for ultimate de-creasing. You'll be amazed at the flawless results you can achieve. Crisp collars? Sharp creases? Perfect pants (well, we iron ours)? They're easy with Ironman.


    Union Jack Cover

    Featuring an ultra-strong woven steel mesh 'body' on a sturdy but lightweight tubular frame, this chic design icon is adjustable from 95cm down to 70cm, so you can iron with ease, no matter how tall you are. There's even a handy hole in Ironman's head to prevent pesky cords from cramping your style. This also allows you to hang Ironman up for storage or display. That's right, we said display. Because as well as his uniquely modish shape, Ironman is available in two eye-catching designs including: Fireman Red and a cool Union Jack design. He really is far too cool to shove in the broom cupboard.

    Armed with this incredibly smart and practical ironing board you might even begin to enjoy ironing your smalls. And never again will you suffer the ignominy of being caught with your ego round your ankles whilst delivering a pile of wrinkled shirts to your mum. After all, it takes a real man to iron his own clothes but it takes an Ironman to make it easy.

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