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Iron Stark
  • Iron Stark

Iron Stark

Half hero, half-cut

Product not available at the moment.
  • Great for fans of fine art or a certain playboy
  • Minimalist and robotic
  • Available framed or unframed
It's no secret that Tony Stark is Iron Man, or that Tony Stark loves himself, or that Tony Stark is a very successful businessman, or that Tony Stark likes to hear his own name. Tony Stark.

He's clearly the type of bloke who covers his own house with pictures of himself. Revels in his own coolness. TS almost certainly has this Danny Haas print in his gaff. Perhaps near the front door. Dunno.

Starkly minimal, this print is available framed or unframed and is a subtly stylish piece of artwork for fans of abstract art and consumers of Stark Industry products.

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