Gadgets & Tech January Sale

Iron Man Suit

The only weapon you need

Product not available at the moment.
  • Crafted from a mix of steel and carbon, and featuring the iconic red/gold Iron Man design
  • The Mark XLVII headset utilises projected holographic technology
  • Hand-mounted stabilisation jets, combined with the thigh-mounted flare development system provide optimum flight control
  • Cameras are mounted on shoulders and wrists for improved flight-safety
For the first time ever a fully functioning Iron Man suit has been developed and is now available, exclusively from Firebox.

Combining existing military electronics, and incorporating new, highly experimental technology we’ve created a safe-mode version, giving you an opportunity to truly feel like Ironman, without the hassles of saving mankind.

Modified for consumer use, the suit has been stripped of all weapons technology, but flight mode and the integrated sensory systems are all still fully functioning.

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