Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Invaders Beanie Hat

8-bit Bobble

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  • Warm your head beneath a horde of analog aliens
  • 100% Polyester – the hallowed fabric of the gods
  • One size fits all, unless you have a monstrous cranium
  • The fluffy red bobble is the planet they're from
Long before Grand Theft Auto, before Call of Duty, before Tomb Raider, before Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter there was Space Invaders. Back then you had considerably less to work with and thus these iconic pixelated creatures were conceived and have become indelible components of our cultural consciousness ever since.

These high-quality polyester beanies are tenderly sewn by virile young seamstresses near the banks of the Polish Biała River, and feature astounding workmanship. You can literally smell the quality and care that goes into their creation.

Inspired by the instantly recognisable arcade game and covered in a colourful horde of analog aliens/jelly-fish/crabs; this simply patterned, 8-bit beanie is perfect for retro gaming buffs and fashion connoisseurs alike.

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